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Fusion Orchestra (www.fusionorchestra.com) was a hard rock / progressive rock band of the early seventies. For the Ukrainian Jazz/Fusion band of the same name (known for Farfisa), please see Fusion Orchestra (UA). IMPORTANT NOTE: The tracks on here are badly messed up. Some are the Ukranian, Fusion Orchestra, some are truncated, some are mislabeled. Look elsewhere (e.g. http://myspace.com/fusionorchestra73) for a better idea of what the band sounded like. Fusion Orchestra's lead singer/multi-instrumentalist was none other than the lead singer from Shakatak - Jill Saward, although here she sings in a much more aggressive and rocky style. They released an album on EMI, "Skeleton In Armour" which contained four complex tracks, a single and some short, amusing interludes. The original Fusion Orchestra formed in 1969 and were together until 1975. They were the first band to use the name, which has been used by later bands since, such as the Ukranian Band mentioned below. Most of the music here is NOT the original Fusion Orchestra but is the Ukrainian band. Founder-member and guitarist Colin Dawson recently formed Fusion Orchestra 2 (www.fusionorchestra2.com) to play music from Skeleton In Armour album live, plus new material in a similar vein. The band expects to tour in 2009. Aside from Jill and Colin, other band members included: Dave Bell - Drums Mick Sluman - Bass Dave Cowell - Bass, including Skeleton In Armour Paul Jennings - Bass Stan Land - Second Guitar, including Skeleton In Armour Andy Blamire - Second Guitar Alan Murphy - Lead Guitar Earlier visitor's comment from the profile: "Excellent live (seen at Plymouth Poly in about 1972-ish) but sadly only one album ever recorded which is excellent (good cover also)."

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