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Fx909 biography

Growing up with US HIP HOP sound, FX909 is taken by the ACID HOUSE anthem "ROCK TO THE BEAT" in 1988. He gets his turntables in 1991 but his first real break as a DJ comes in 1994 and he gets to play regularly on the french free party network. Getting massive recognition for the quality of his mixs in the RAVE, CLUB and RADIO scene and his Dj skills allow him to mix different styles of music : Hardcore, Techno, Electro and DnB, sharing turntables with 4 HERO, ED RUSH, KLUTE, AMON TOBIN, TERRANOVA, Mr SCRUFF, JUSTICE, but also MANU LE MALIN, THE HACKER and other big techno names... There is no musical frontier for 909 ! During all these years, his steps into the world of creation and production is logical…. From his beginning into music until his first signing in 1999, his sharp curiosity will help him to create his own sounds. In 2001, FX909 with VOLTA set up his own label "Asphalte Recordings" dedicated to the dancefloor side of drum'n'bass. Impressed by their unique sound , a french D'n'B label urge them to work on an album.The whole french press defines the "Perspectives" album as a new landmark on the breakbeat / Drum'n'Bass scene in France. It's the first 100 % french D'n'B album of all times with a nationwide exposure. By the way, 2003 was a good year for FX909. He gets into production on his own and releases new tracks on other french labels (UNDERPRESSURE, NEW HOPE and 90° rec. )and confirms his position : one of France's top producers. He also launches in France a new D'n'B label with great success : CLOSE COMBAT records and brilliant feedback from Djs predict him big plans for future.

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