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Stop bitchin' about the old good days of Hardcore because exactly after 56 years from the dropping of the atomic bomb, Skopje and the whole world finally can again feel the honest and enthusiastic energy from the pioneer days of the HC/Punk scene!!! FOREVER POSITIVELY OBSESSED is not just another sXe band. We're before all friends who do not submit to the everyday repression of the state apparatus. FxPxOx is our honest rebellion against the human hypocrisy, the uncompromising materiality, competition and profit, organized religion, the abuse of animals and people, nazism, sexism, homophobia, elitism, drugs (legal and illegal), the police, the army... Our ideology is inspired from the anarchist idea and the D.I.Y movement and the music is mix of good old HC/punk bands from the 80's, Scandinavian 80's HC, british anarchopunk and american thrash... from the '80's of course:))) From all of this comes out one really weird and fast combination of happiness, rebellion and incurable enthusiasm!!! Real adrenalin injection!!! Even the genetic sorrow, which sparks from the Macedonian ground can't overshadow our life's positivism! Straight... but straight to the point!!! http://myspace.com/fxpxox

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