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Hip-Hop, From, Allentown, PA, United States. G-Child (born Gina Morganello) was a contestant on VH1's Ego Trips: The While rapper Show, Hosted by rap legend MC serch and super producer Prince Paul. (aired Jan 8th 2007) She has been a part of the local Underground Hip-hop scene years before. She started writing music at the young age of nine. Her lyrics are packed with emotions that you can feel. Each song has a different vibe or a unique blend usually filled with angst or anger, packing that Ol' Skool punch.! Inspired by punk rock artists like H20, Rancid, suicidal tendencies, N.Y.H.C. hardcore and hip-hop artists, Lordz Of Brooklyn, Kottonmouth kings, P.O.D., Kid Rock, Beastie Boys, Run-DMC, & La Coka Nostra. She also favors 90's artists like Tupac, Kris kross, Da brat, House Of Pain, Young Black Teenagers, Funkdoobiest, Cypress Hill, Crazy Town and of course Vanilla Ice, She Is determined to make her mark. She realized rapping was her passion in the early 90's thanks to rapper Vanilla Ice, who cracked number one with his single Ice Ice Baby. Although she was young, she knew what she wanted to do in the future. She was one of Ice's most humble and truest fans. Even as the media dismissed him as a joke, She stood up for him no matter what people had to say. In 2000 Her long time idol Vanilla Ice was set to play a show in her hometown of Allentown, Pa. She and Her homeboy road bikes to the venue in the pouring rain. She stopped at nothing to meet the Ice man. That day, He let her showcase her talent onstage for a freestyle session. After that the young G-Child attended many more of his shows and jumped at the chance to be seen onstage. Soon she started opening for him when he would pass through at Allentown’s own Crocodile Rock. G-child packs on high energy "old school style live performances equipped with hype man Masta' Skillz and a DJ. G-child has also opened for artists like AnyBody Killa (formally of psychopathic records) and Horrorecore rap royalty star King Gordy. She became popular among the fans of The Kottonmouth Kings and Insane Clown posse. She also did numerous benefit shows and festivals. To sum it up G-child is a true to the underground local legend that was able to reach millions of viewers with her heart of gold and energetic "Don’t give a Fuck" personality. She is currently trying to put new projects together and hopeing to find a live band for future performences as well as for a new direction of music. Also, she is on the hunt for the correct, established underground record label/ team of producers who isnt a marketable "cheese factory" looking to change me in anyway, shape or form. She has a few projects poppin' up shortly so keep an eye out! -- G-Child Winner of 2007 Lehigh Valley Music Awards G-CHILD Won The 2007 LV Music Awards for Best Live Hip-Hop/R&B/Urban Performance Who The F Is G-child? "Filled to the brim with hyperactive energy, this Allentown, PA upstart may look underage, but her unadulterated drive is sure to put G-Child (a.k.a. Gina Morganello) over the top. Mentored by her idol Vanilla Ice (yes, that's right, pop star Vanilla Ice), she nevertheless has one foot firmly planted in the underground rap scene, which helps her stay grounded. Yet don't get it twisted like G's trademark braids, this Child has full-grown aspirations of representing for the underdogs on a grand scale". -VH1 2007 myspace.com/gchildmusic

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