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G-pal biography

One of the most well-known Greek DJs around the world, George Pallikaris became rather famous throughtout his well-respected production work - including the early releases at Low Pressings and Plastic City, and the club-minded tribal, techy and proggy releases of his own label "Swift Records". George originally hails from Thessaloniki, the largest city of northern Greece. He was first introduced to music at the very young age of 4, when he was already training to play the piano! After developing his skills composing and producing his own tracks, George moved to New York City to pursue a degree in music technology. While attending courses to obtain the NYU's degree, he concluded his first commercial record release on UK's Low Pressings label around the beginning of 1999. Very soon, he joined the UCMG NY artist roster, decision that allowed him to release various singles for Plastic City - including his critically acclaimed debut album "Life". Meanwhile, George had to return to Greece to do his military service for the Greek army! It was however this obligation that gave him the opportunity to found his own label "Swift Records" in 2001. Since then, things got in a row for G.Pal who still manages to compile various "tasks" at the same time, including: The tireless production material for his own label, through the intense cooperation with Klik Records - inside Greece - and Intergroove UK - outside Greece. The radio show for Athens' "Best 92.6" (www.bestradio.gr) radio station every Saturday night from 1-2 after midnight. The monthly residency at LUV club in Athens, alongside his wife Anna Maria Harokopou (aka A.M.X.) and the rest of Swift Recs' friends - Christian Cambas, Stel, Nick & John Dalagelis, Mikele, DJ Tim, Mr. Roussos and others...and last, but not least... The family! Especially, his daughter Maria Eleni, whom he keeps calling the "meaning of my life"...

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