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G-point biography

The band G-Point started in summer 2008 in Rīga, Latvia after the ending and disbanding of ladies rock band Red Bee. Changing the singer was the reason of getting a new name G-Point. These four dedicated and charming ladies joined their creative powers to create new original musical product, performing covers for popular artists’ songs, along with original songs that mirror their emotional side and will to entertain people. The rock band "G-point" is a possibility to taste an emotional and professional performance accomplished by four beautiful young ladies doing their best to fulfill their goals and materialize their "g-point" in music. Ieva, the stable and groovy bass player, had developed her musical experience on stage since 1998 in well-known Latvian bands like Krona, Kiin, Bardo Splash. She was also awarded best bass player of music festival "Sinepes un Medus" in 2000. Antra learned the mind-boggling guitar style while studying in Rīga Secondary school Nr.100 and also graduated jazz class of Rīga Minster choir school. Next to the G-Point since covers Antra plays in Jelgava Big Band leaded by Raitis Ašmanis. Current lineup consists of: Ieva Sutugova - vocals; Antra Lante - guitar; Ieva Rudzīte - bass guitar; Lauma Bērza - drums. Former members: Dināra Rudāne - vocals; Nelli Bubujanca - drums. http://www.gpoint.lv

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