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G-spott biography

Dutch producer Richard van Schooneveld has announced to take a step back from the successful project G-Spott. This is mainly caused by the fact that he currently has to devote the majority of his time to the international project Richard Durand. G-Spott is one of the many projects which sees Richard van Schooneveld in the drivers seat. Hits like “No Comment” (2003), “Louder” (2003), “City Streets” (2005) and his latest hit “Sadness” (2006) make G-Spott one of the best known Dutch dance acts ever. Next to G-Spott Richard has produced for many Dutch artists, a.o. the world-famous DJ Jean for which he made “Every Single Day” and “Feel It”. Along the road he has also done remixes for the Italian DJ/producer Mauro Picotto. The international awareness of Richard Durand has increased enormously in the last couple of months. He has produced well-known club hits like “Make Me Scream”, “Sunhump 2006”, “Slipping Away”, “Inside My Brain”, “Any Time”, “For The Believers 2.0”, and his latest release “Sweep And Repeat”. And then there are the remixes for Tiësto like “Lethal Industry”, “Flight 643” and his latest hit “Break My Fall”. “My project Richard Durand is taking up all of my time at the moment. I’m travelling abroad every weekend to perform which makes it impossible for me to keep focussing on G-Spott the way I used to.” says Richard van Schooneveld. Future Productions of G-Spott will still be done by Richard van Schooneveld. The face of the act however will change. More on this subject will follow in the near future.

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