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Gabe biography

Three Artist are named Gabe 1) The famous brazilian DJ Gabriel Serrasqueiro, who is behind the projects Wrecked Machines and Growling Machines, now created his Techno project named "Gabe". In his tracks we can find colaboration of many acclamated DJs, like D-Nox & Beckers, Ido Ophir and others. His songs are being played all over the world, by names like Hernan Cattaneo and Laurent Garnier. 2) A Dark ambient artist featured on a split cd with Droefhied 3) Gabe Cantrell is a one man metal band from Lexington Kentucky. He records all of his own music with a Schecter Damien b2, and a line6 pod while using verious editing programs. Most of his music is original but covers happen now and then Gabe classifies his music as progressive melodic metal with a touch of death Gabe also has a account NinjaGabeX

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