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Gable biography

French pop heritage is littered with smooth and creamy icons: Gainsbourg, Karen Anne, Adamo and Francois Hardy. Gablé, however, are a completely different kettle de poisson. Wearing their influences on their sleeves – Moldy Peaches, Meat Puppets and early Sonic Youth, they stick a lovely big lump of absolutely bonkers, stinky musical cheese in the face of suave ancestry. As far as their live shows go, you can’t get any more sensational. Samplers, recorders and a Hoover provide an invigorating backing to the melodic singing, explosive spluttering and just plain daft blurts of these intriguing Frenchmen (and woman). They’re charming, interesting and are seriously fun with a surprisingly captivating stage presence for an unassuming 3-piece.

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