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Known for the interpretation of the typical roman popular songs, Gabriella Ferri (Rome, September 18th, 1942 - Corchiano, April 3rd, 2004) was an Italian singer born in Rome. Ferri’s career began in a Milan nightclub in 1963. She was discovered by Walter Gürtler who discovered formerly already Adriano Celentano and Luigi Tenco for instance. By 1965, she had successfully broke onto the Rome singing scene singing popular Roman songs. One of her biggest hits was «Sempre» (Always). During her career, she also performed Neapolitan and Latin American pieces. During the 1970s, she starred on several popular TV shows. By the 1990s, however, she had largely left the spotlight.She died in Corchiano, Viterbo, Latium, Italy, on the 3rd of April 2004 after falling from a third-floor balcony in an apparent suicide, although family members denied such reports, saying she may have fallen ill after taking anti-depression medication and lost her balance. But she left a mark as one of the representive singers of Rome. Albums …Lassatece Passà ◄ (2 versions) RCA Italiana 1970 Gabriella Ferri (LP, Album) RCA Italiana 1970 ‘A Roma Nostra (LP) Joker (2) 1970 …E Se Fumarono A Zazà (LP, Album) RCA Italiana 1971 L’Amore È Facile Non È Difficile… ◄ (2 versions) RCA Italiana 1972 Sempre (LP) RCA Italiana 1973 Remedios ◄ (2 versions) RCA Italiana 1974 Mazzabubu’ (LP, Album) RCA Italiana 1975 Gabriella (LP, Album, Promo, Gat) RCA Italiana 1981

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