Gagarin top 20 songs


Gagarin biography

Gagarin is 1.) a Czech/Swedish electro-screamo band from Havířov and Prague. 2.) a London-based solo artist specialising in spacy ambient electronica. He performs often and has recorded two albums as Gagarin. 3.) a Russian band that plays music, which in a way carries atmosphere of R ussian folk traditions, using bayan and other instruments. Influence of USSR-pop is also noticeable. 4.) a disco-punk band from Silesia. It arise from hc / punk bands John Ball and Raincoat 34. 5.) Gagarin is a Milan-based post-rock band. The boys are quite fond of dreaming, creating alternative worlds, running away. They're also fond of oceanography. In October 2012 Pequod, their first Ep, is published. 5) Gagarin is also czech electro-screamo band from Czech republic.

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