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Gage biography

There are multiple artists that have recorded under the name Gage: 1) Pierre Gage (born 3 January 1977 in Montreal, Canada), known by his last name Gage, is a Francophone Canadian singer/songwriter of Jamaican and Haitian ancestry. 2) Grime producer from Bristol/London, UK dropping on the Crazylegs label. 3) Jamaican dancehall deejay Gage. -------------- 1) Gage got his start in the music business while still attending high school by landing the role of Johny Roquefort after attending an audition for the rock opera Starmania. Thus began his career as a musician heavily influenced by Bob Marley, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Lauryn Hill; influences partly explained by Gage's Jamaican and Haitian roots. The pivotal moment in Gage's career came when he met Corneille and Gardy Martin with whom he started the group R'n'B O.N.E. Thanks to Corneille's writing and composing talents, O.N.E.'s single "Zoukin" reached number one on the Canadian radio airplay chart. The group then went on tour, opening for acts such as Isabelle Boulay and Kelis In January 2001, three years after the formation of O.N.E, Corneille left the group to pursue a solo career. Gage followed the same path, at first concentrating on acting and theatre before returning to music. Corneille and Gage maintained a working relationship, with Gage opening for Corneille during Corneille's 2003 tour. Gage began to have success on his own thanks to his single "Trop Fresh", which attracted a significant fan base. Gage's first album Soul Rebel, of which most of the songs were written, composed, and produced by Corneille, came out in July 2005. The album contains a mix of soul and reggae music. Gage's second album: Changer le monde, was released in 2008

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