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Galderia is a Power Metal band from the south of France and created by Seb ( Guitar/Lead vocals ) in 2006. Influenced by bands like Gamma Ray or Helloween, GALDERIA turns toward a more powerful and melodic Heavy Metal. Quickly joined by Tom ( lead guitar ), Jc ( drums ) and Lionel ( bass ), the line-up is fixed. The four musicians gives themselves a mission : To throw light onto the dark roads of this world. GALDERIA uses music as the vector of its convictions and its values. The group gains a strong scenic experience by performing on the stages of France and received a favourable welcome. Against the common plan, GALDERIA decides not to rush and gives itself the time to progress. Between 2006 and 2010, 3 self-produced demos are released to the public in the form of free dowloads, only available on digital version. After four years of rich experiences, the band is ready to go into top gear. The EP Rise legions of free men have been released in 2010, first physical CD of the group, mastered by Mika Jussila at Finnvox Studios ( Stratovarius, Edguy... ). Galderia has released its first physical album called "The Universality" in the end of 2012 on the canadian label METALODIC RECORDS, followed by a sublicense from Japan label RUBICON MUSIC.​ Also mastered at Finnvox Studios, the artwork of the album have been made by the famous Felipe Machado Franco. So, Galderians of the earth, the time is now! Hear the Call!! WE ARE ONE!!​

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