Gallops top 20 songs


Gallops biography

2007-2013. Formed in Wrexham in 2007. A blur of a four-headed machine, weaving mechanically pivoting structures of sound that evoke imagery of retro videogame dystopias and B-movie horror soundtracks; it's fair to say that the Welsh instrumentalists, Gallops, are a band whose music transcends the sum of their basic components. The band made an initial impression in 2010 with a self-titled debut EP that saw them take carefully calculated segments of math-rock and gleefully throw them together with force, before feeding the resulting amalgamations through what sounded like a mutated ZX Spectrum. Following their last release - the double A-side 7" Joust/Eukodol - in 2011, Gallops headed back into the studio to record their debut LP, "Yours Sincerely, Doctor Hardcore" which will be released in December 2012 though Holy Roar/Blood and Biscuits

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