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There are several artists with this name: 1) Game Over is a heavy metal band from Sweden. It was formed in 1998 by guitarist Wire McQuaid (the stage name of Elisabeth Pezouvanis). Game Over's songs are arrangements of video game music, primarily that of games for the Nintendo Entertainment System such as The Legend of Zelda and Mega Man 2. Game Over has produced two demo albums: Nintendo Metal (2002) and NESperado (2006). Some of their songs are available free of charge at OverClocked ReMix. 2) Game Over were a 5 piece band from Melbourne, Australia. They started in 1996 and gained a big following with their punk/pop tunes. They played several festivals including Warped 98 with their appearance being marred by Fletcher of Pennywise smashing up their drumkit. They toured with many overseas bands including Guttermouth, MXPX, No Fun At All, Avail, Lagwagon and Down By Law. In 1999 they started off by playing the majority of the Warped Tour Dates and then got in the studio to start recording for their debut full length release. During that year they have had drama with vocalist Adam Linden leaving the group; his replacement was Brad Young. During February 2000 the boys supported Millencolin across the East Coast but then guitarist Elton Pinkster had a accident and badly damaged his leg. They did the East Coast support for Pennywise/Frenzal Rhomb during November. Elton left the band in early 2001 and was replaced by Ben Webster, but they broke up soon after leaving a slab of new recordings unreleased. These songs were later downloadable on However they reunited as their original lineup in May 2003 for a show in Adelaide as support for 99 Reasons Why's final show and also a final show of their own at the Arthouse where it all started for them. 3) Game Over is a spanish satirical radio show about videogames, and have a constant growing fanbase. Is located at their official site. 4) Game Over is a slovenian underground thrash metal band. 5) Game Over is a slovenian pop boy band group. 6) Game Over is also a hardcore punk band from Swindon, UK. 7) Game Over is a Thrash Metal band from South Korea. They were featured on the "Am I Metallica" Korean Tribute CD to Metallica. 8)Game Over is a Greek Heavy Metal band. 9) Game Over is an Italian thrash metal band 10) Game Over is an Polish punk band

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