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Genova, Italy The band is now known with the name Isaak GsG find their inspiration in the first wave of southern stoner, their will is to bring typical sounds of the seventies to our age, mixing the rough charge of primordial stoner with psychedelic influences, following the footsteps of great bands like Clutch, Monster Magnet, Fu Manchu, Corrosion of Conformity, matching together wild energy and musical research. Their strong and powerful tones bounded to experimentation, with incursions in other musical genres, weave together to create single paintings, in which lyrics inspired by mental states deeply connected to physical world contribute to arouse new emotions and sensations with every single song. Live gigs profoundly felt and lived, graphics aspects extremely cared and contacts searched and persevered with determination, are all sides which are highly regarded by the band, thinking that playing music should take a 360° viewing.

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