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Even if you’re fortunate enough to have the original small-run CDR of “Armory Radio,” this double vinyl set should still be of interest as it differs substantially from the first version, with additional material and new thoughts on what went before. If, like me, you’ve enjoyed interstation sounds from shortwave radios, you’ll probably find yourself atuned to this music very quickly. To my ears and imagination, these conjunctions of voices, snatches of music and random tones and whooses conjured up exotic lands and Geoff Mullen’s music has that quality, only with much more structure and harmonious guitar amidst the wireless static. The sensation of tuning a radio is set by the brief opening burst that heralds the first long piece, cutting away rapidly as the though dial were being spun to another frequency. Although the rest of the music has more flow than sudden shift, no idea is played upon for too long, so the set of pieces stands up well as a double lp, with layers of guitar surging throughout. At one point I had the notion of a helicopter flying over the international dateline. I suspect this has nothing to do with Mr. Mullen’s intentions, but it was an appealing image! I have to admit that the copy I have for review is on CD, so I cannot comment on the aesthetic of the lp package, but I can tell you it is released on 140gm vinyl, so I trust the whole thing will have a high quality feel to it. 8/10 -- John Cavanagh (3 October, 2007)

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