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George Melachrino (born George Militiades 1 May 1909 in London, England — died 18 June 1965) was a musician, movie composer, and musical director who was English born of Greek and Italian descent. As a young boy, George Melachrino had a love of music. At the age of five, he began his writing his compositions, and by the age of fourteen he rolled into the Trinity College of Music. In the 1930s, Melachrino started working for bands lead by Ambrose and Bert Firman, and started playing on radio for the BBC. By 1939, he started his own band. He joined the Army a year later. While in the army, Melachrino gained experience as a military musician, leading the British Band of the American Expeditionary Forces and the Orchestra Khaki. Melachrino frequently performed on BBC and American Armed Forces Radio. He vied with Mantovani in trying to dominate the post WW2 easy listening audiences

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