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Gerald Walker (born July 14, 1987) is an American vocalist and alternative rapper. He is best known for his witty yet lengthy song titles and debut mixtape Evening Out With Your Girlfriend.The mixtape includes features Matt and Kim,, Ayọ, The Arctic Monkeys and is inspired by American rock band Fall Out Boy's album Fall Out Boy's Evening Out with Your Girlfriend. Gerald Walker released his second official mixtape, I Remember When This All Meant Something..., on July 16, 2010 as a free download on his Virb page. This mixtape includes features from Add-2, Mr. Robotic, Bryant Stewart, and Slot-A. Gerald Joshua Walker was born in Chicago, Illinois; however, he moved to Milwaukee, Wisconsin at age fourteen, where he was raised by his mother. Walker attended Riverside University High School in Milwaukee and graduated in the class of 2005. He later attended Columbia College Chicago, Prairie State College and Cardinal Stritch University. Walker released his debut mixtape, Gerald Walker's Evening Out With Your Girlfriend, in late 2009. "The mixtape continues Walker's trend of lengthy, hilarious titles and even more ridiculous lyrics with punk rock influences." On July 16, 2010 Walker released his second mixtape, I Remember When This All Meant Something..., for free download on his Virb page. The mixtape consist of fifteen original tracks including three hidden bonus songs featuring production from, Symbolyc One, producer of Kanye West's 2010 single Power (Kanye West song). On September 23, 2010, Gerald Walker, released The World Will Spin Without You. A demo believed to be from his forthcoming mixtape, The Other Half of Letting Go. In a later interview with, Anthony Carilloa, of, Walker, revealed and confirmed that his upcoming mix-tape will be titled, '"The Other Half of Letting Go..." On December 20, 2010 Gerald Walker released his second official EP titled "A Gerald Walker Christmas" on One Step at a Time Music. The album includes three original and two traditional Christmas songs with production being handled by Gerald Walker.

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