Geraldine top 20 songs


Geraldine biography

1) French pop singer Geraldine, perform song "Quel Cœur Vas-tu Briser?" from Eurovision 1967 - Vienna 2) Geraldine, from Athens, OH, plays bluesy punk inspired by Howlin' Wolf, the Rolling Stones, The Who, and New York punk from the '70s. The group began releasing singles on the Anyway/Revolver imprint, including 1995's self-titled 7", 1996's Cotton, and 1997's K-Tel Whore. The band also appeared at trash-rock festivals across the U.S. and toured with the likes of Bantam Rooster, The Go, The White Stripes, Royal Trux, Quadrajets, The Humpers, and Nashville Pussy. Geraldine signed to the neo-garage/punk label Orange Recordings and released their debut album Pure Bastard Rock in 2001. 3) Geraldine is a fictional singer, played by comedian Peter Kay.

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