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Gergana biography

Gergana (Гергана in Bulgarian) is one of the most popular bulgarian pop-folk singers. She was born on November 30th 1984 in Dimitrovgrad. Her full name is Gergana Georgieva Katsarska. Gergana`s first own album appeared in 2003. It's called "I'm Losing You Slowly" ("Губя те бавно") and contains 10 songs. Her second album, "As No One Else" ("Както никой друг") is full of tender balads, devoted to her mother, who died in 2004. Gergana's third album is ready in the end of 2005 - it appeared on 16th December and is called "Blue Eyes" ("Сини очи"). Her 4th album, called "The Sweet Side of The Things" ("Сладката страна на нещата") appears on 14th February 2007. The Spanish song of the album, "Una pasion", appeares on the TV in April 2007. Her summer song is duet with a rap singer and wins the award of "Summer Hit 2007". She took part in the national summer tour organised by "Payner" 4 years in a row. In february 2008 unexpectedly appears "Forget" ("Забрави") - a second duet with the rapper. In July appeared the song and the video "Leave" ("Върви си"). It's been worked on it for a year and is definitely worth it: it shows amazing 3D animations. Unfortunately, the video didn't achieve the expected success. The next few songs are hardly popular but the ballad "Thank You" ("Благодаря ти"), devoted to her mother, was highly valued by many people. With a change in music style, in late 2009 and 2010 Gergana begins regaining her fans and high positions.

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