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Artist: Ghost
Genre: Heavy Metal
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Stop That Dj lyrics

Just because you’re scared of what might happen if you fall.
Doesn’t really mean that the answer is to crawl.
Someone out threre’s trying to erase your memory.
Doesn’t mean you take it, that you’re fine with what you see.
Baby girl’s cryin trying to open her mothers eyes.
All is televised but the world is paralyzed.
No matter what you do the bitter truth is always blurred.
All designed so we can live our lives like we prefer

// Stop that DJ. Shut that DJ down... now.
Stop that DJ. Shut that DJ down... now //

Tell me ain’t it funny how we fight to stay alive?
A cockroach’s better off, he surely will survive.
Hard to know when to stop and when you’ve reached the top.
When to settle down and just be fine with what you got

// CHORUS //

Oh oh oh.
Time to shut up, time to shut it down...
Time has come, yeah

// CHORUS //

Time to shut up, time to shut it down...

these lyrics are submitted by Chris85 from RUSSIA

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