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There are at least five artists which have used the name Girls: 1) an indie rock band from the United States; 2) a girl group from Brazil; 3) a rock band from Japan; 4) a synthpop group from Sweden; 5) a punk band from the United States. 1) In 2006, Christopher Owens, Liza Thorn, Ryan Lynch (from Dominant Legs) began a music project called Curls, which dissolved itself when Liza decided to focus more on her new band, Bridez. Not to be dissuaded, Owens recruited San Francisco's infamous ladykiller Chet "JR" White to join him and changed the band's name to Girls. Owens was formerly a member of Holy Shit with Ariel Pink. Being raised in a cult where "pop music was banned, women sold themselves for sex and several members were driven to suicide... the Girls' singer’s life seems to have been a blur of prescription drugs (fentanyl patches are his favourite), punk rock shows and art happenings." (NME) All of which has deeply inspired and informed the music the band make. Their debut, 'Album' was released in September 2009, through True Panther Sounds and has received wide critical acclaim - notably from NME, in the UK. Two of their songs have been made available as free downloads via RCRD LBL: In 2012, Christopher announced on his Twitter account that he was leaving the band for personal reasons. The band split later that year. 2) Girl group from Brazil who were put together on a TV show in 2013, uses the normal English spelling for their name. Don't mix them up with Brazilian Girls from New York City. The group was put together by musical producer Rick Bonadio (Rouge, NxZero) through Multishow's reality show Fábrica de Estrelas (Stars' Factory). The five members are Rafaela Monjardim, Bruna Rocha, Jeniffer Nascimento, Caroline de Almeida and Natascha Piva, known as Ani, Bruna, Jenny, Carol and Nathy. The name of the group was decided to be Girls because of Beyoncé's hit track Run The World (Girls) whose the girls are declared fans and it was the first song they had to dance in the contest. album on lastfm :girls 3) GIRLS (ガールズ) was a 70s all-female rock band from Japan. 4) A swedish synthpop/disco band featuring Paul Rein. 5) Girls were a 70s American West Coast punk band associated with The Screamers' members Pam Lillig and Ben Witz.

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