Gisela top 20 songs


Gisela biography

1. Gisela is a multi talented artist from Malmö, Sweden. Her official homepage is where all songs can be downloaded for free. Her music is also avaliable on Spotify and on iTunes Store. The latest release from Gisela was "Anhedonia", an 8 track album from November 2011. 2. Gisela is also a Spanish singer and actress with a successful 10-year long career in music. She's released more than 5 studio albums and played the lead character in several musical plays as Grease, Peter Pan, El Diluvio Que Viene or Boscos Endins, among other jobs. Her debut album, Parte De Mí, was released in 2002, and was re-issued less than a year later including the song Este Amor Es Tuyo, which lead her to win the 2 awards of latin-american Viña del Mar (best artist and best song). She then released Más Allá in 2003, Ni Te Lo Imaginas in 2006 and Pensando En Ti in 2011, but her discography also includes a Christmas album, Vivir La Navidad, released in 2010. She's also played the soundtrack for several cartoon films as the Spanish version of Disney's Enchanted, Barbie or the Spanish films Pérez: el ratoncito de tus sueños and Copito de Nieve. Gisela has also represented Andorra in Eurovision 2008 with the song Casanova, as well as part of the backing vocals for Rosa, the Spanish candidate in the festival, in 2002.

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