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Gitbox biography

(Also see Gitbox!.) Gitbox has evolved out of Gitbox Rebellion, an acoustic guitar ensemble which varied in size between nine and thirteen. Formed in 1986, Gitbox Rebellion's premiere performance was at the now legendary Gluepot. The group toured nationally in 1989, performing in a variety of venues, from art galleries to bars. In 1990 contact was made with Robert Fripp, who was using Guitarcraft as a means for exploring new performance technique possibilities. Robert visited NZ to run workshops, and Guitarcraft techniques and disciplines were adopted by Gitbox Rebellion. During this period the group's debut album Pesky Digits was also recorded, being released in 1991. The four original members of Gitbox Rebellion have continued as Gitbox, and perform on this album. However, the concept for the group has moved on from where it started, and other instruments have been added to the original all-guitar line-up. Compositional duties are also more evenly spread.

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