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Giuseppe had a great taste for music since he was a kid. He took some piano lessons and started playing with the turntables at the age of 16. At the age of 20, he took a break from music to take his university studies seriously and graduated successfully. During an experience in Spain, he took every chance to play in different clubs, and decided music was a very important part of his life. It was when he went back to Naples, when he began to play in parties with important guests. Giuseppe grew up with house music but with time, he was influenced by many genres and defined his around Minimal Tech and Techno. A very important influence in his career was his encounter with Danilo Vigorito, a number one name in the producing and world electronic scene. He introduced Giuseppe in the world of producing; with his musical aptitudes he quickly came out with solid releases and found his own sound and style. Close to tech-house and house, with a touch of techno and minimal sounds, his releases are coming out in some important labels. His first release will come out on February and will be an ep on Minisketch vir, David Squillace’s label. In June as well, another release on Monique Musique, el Gitano, with remixes from Dj Wild, Pier Bucci, 2000 ans one, Luciano Esse and Toni d, Danny Fiddo and Federico Grazzini. In May Mujeres ep will come out on Leftroom Records. And like this, other releases (Borderline ep) with Kammer Musik (Dekadent Sublabel) and collaborations with Danilo Vigorito are coming as well on Orion Musik. A great release wiil go out in the next autumn on 8bit Record,like a various artists release. Many important names from the electronic scene are already playing Giuseppe’s tracks. His dj sets are a sequence of house and tech house with Spanish and Arabian recalls that assure a great party and a full dancefloor. No doubt this is a very important moment on Giuseppe’s Career, try to catch him on a club and dig into the dancefloor.

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