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Back to the UK from a stint in the US, where his songs have been featured in hit TV shows Grey's Anatomy, Bones, 90210, Vampire Diaries and One Tree Hill, Glass Pear is the work of platinum-selling songwriter Yestyn Griffiths. The Welsh-born singer is the younger brother of recording artist Jem. After co-writing songs for her debut Finally Woken and follow-up Down To Earth, Yestyn sent a 4 track demo to tastemaker DJ Nic Harcourt of Los Angeles’ KCRW. Nic’s early radio support for “Last Day Of Your Life” and subsequent placing of the song in the new series of 90210 brought Glass Pear’s debut album Streets of love to a much wider audience. Music supervisors picked up on the buzz with Gossip Girl/Mad Men’s Alex Patsavas saying that Glass Pear “will have a big impact in the future. [He writes} beautiful, melodic, well-crafted pop songs.” More high-profile synchs followed, with eight-track EP Sweet America described by Direct Current Music as “calmly studied folk/pop, effortlessly buoyed by his soaring falsetto, chiming guitars, velvety production and gorgeously hymnal melodic lines.” Going the unusual route of running his own record label WOL Records, Yestyn has sold over 30,000 downloads without any major or indie label backing at all. After co-writing “Be Yours” for VV Brown’s forthcoming album on Capitol Records, Glass Pear recorded and produced his self-titled sophomore album. Reflecting his love of Beach Boys’ harmonies, Britpop and Radioheadesque rhythms, the album Glass Pear is a breezy, mellifluous slice of alternative pop heaven. Out now on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and Bandcamp, look out for London live dates in March 2012.

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