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Glebstar biography

Making waves in a genre that is already making waves, Glebstar, an Amsterdam based producer, is poised to help redefine dubstep. As we see the sound break away from its underground roots and turn into pop, Glebstar remains a standout artist, unabashedly mixing dancefloor mayhem. While critics try to split & sub-categorize dubstep, Glebstar borrows from his extensive background in uk garage, house and reggae. A prolific remixer, his remixography includes Congo Natty, Coldplay, Purity Ring and Deadmau5. Now in 2012 there is plenty in store for Glebstar with a number of exciting projects on the horizon. He recently released his debut album called 'Vibrations' on his own label 7AM Sessions and already receiving massive support from dj's in the scene. Glebstar continues to innovate and push boundaries, proving his worth as amongst the most versatile and exciting producers around

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