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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Gloria Hawa, female artist 2) An offshoot of Gong 3) Punk band From Åsa/Gothenburg, Sweden 1978-1981. 4) Electronic duo from Waterford, Ireland. 5) Modern Rock band from Montreal, Canada. Glo (1). Combining dark piano with a tenacious voice strong enough to hold a ten foot japanese tsunami, glo (always with a lower case "g") burst on the scene circa 1999. Her magnetic presence combined with her ability to write and perform vivaciously has earned her a place in the music business and a permanent residency in the hearts of her admirers. Glo (whose real name is Gloria Hawa, but prefers to go by glo) was born in San Jose, CA during the winding down of the free love days of 1976, to the proud parents of Tony and Hiam Hawa. The family relocated to the beautiful town of Orange, in the county by the same name, in 1978. Tony and Hiam Hawa hail from the middle east; Palestine, to be exact. They came to the states in the early 70s, hoping to make the American dream, as most foreigners do, come true. glo is fluent in the arabic language, as it was her first learned form of speaking. Being born into a musical family, glo picked up on music early on as a child. Her father used to play a oud- an arabic guitar- very well and her parents would host parties from time to time containing live bands. glo would watch the bands, with a shining light in her eye, hoping that one day she could entertain with that kind of passion. As glo was approaching her 20s, she dabbled loosely in creating poems and songs as a safe outlet for creativity. She was always captivated by the dark side of life and the music she listened to reflected that. Her favorite artists include The Cure, Portishead, Radiohead, Depeche Mode, Jeff Buckley and, of course, Tori Amos. You can see all of those bands, melted like wax, and transformed into the depths of her writing. The motivation to go and purchase a piano came upon after glo watched a Tori Amos video in which Amos was performing the solo to the song "Cornflake Girl." The riveting performance, along with the admiration glo already had for Amos, compelled glo to go out and buy an upright piano on a whim. Her dedication and rigorous training has made her a self-proclaimed artist who has taught herself how to play the piano with such ease and great confidence. She has written well-defined lyrics and found most of them a home where they can live together in harmony. Many of her songs contain dark, cryptic messages with codes that sometimes cannot be cracked. Her first album, deja senti, has earned praise all over the music world. It contains it's share of dark, abysal-coated harmonies as well as angst tunes that will make Fiona Apple sound like Sesame Street. In order to steer clear of the Tori Amos "girl-with-the-piano" comparison, glo's live peformances will include piano, synth, cello and sometimes bass. There is something to be said about her live, driven performances that you have to see to believe. Her long-awaited and much anticipated album will be coming up in the spring of 2007. glo is now working on her sophmore album, tentatively titled glossolalia. Glo (2). An offshoot of Gong.. in 1996 Gas Records released "Even As We Glo", an album of trance dance music recorded in London in 1994 by Gilli Smyth and Steffie Lewry. Using remixes of this music they continue to do many live "rave" gigs together. GLO (3). New Wave From Åsa/Gothenburg, Sweden 1978-1981. Mikael Ramsted (Sigmund Svettrulle) (vocals, drums), Patrik Magnusson (Malkolm Nät) (guitar, vocals), Lars-Peter "Jazzlars" Larsson (bass, vocals), Gerry Magnusson (drums), Conny (drums), Peter Davidsson (keyboards, guitar, vocals), Lars-Olov "LOB" Bengtsson (guitar) Glo (4). Electronic duo from Waterford, Ireland. Glo is the collective of Niall Lanigan and Cian Reinhardt. The duo played numerous gigs in their hometown of Waterford, one of which was shut down by the police after just a half hour into their set. Glo (5). A group of Canadian alt-rockers. Their latest record is No One Hears Me. The album is in the modern rock genre. No One Hears Me was recorded with the help of producer John Nathaniel. The album will be released in April 2012.

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