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It all began in 1984 as Hellstorm. Agathon got his first influences as a teenager from the bands like Venom, Hellhammer and Bathory. Hellstorm ended quite soon, but the title "Fuck The World, Kill The jehova!" remained. Gloomy Grim used it as the first demo name.The folklore tells, that Hellstorm was the first Black Metal band in Finland. At the time Agathon played guitar, but he got more and more into drumming, Agathon joined other bands and concentrated on drums till 1995 when he bought a computer. Agathon started to feel that drumming was not enough and that computer could give more possibilities to create music of his own. He wanted to create dark music, music from the Depth of the Darkest Pit of Hell and with no compromises from any other band members. Agathon started Gloomy Grim as a one man band. The biggest inspiration has always been the dark life itself and the soundtracks of the horror films he collected. Agathon made two demos and after the latter: "Friendship is Friendship, War is War!" Gloomy Grim signed to Holy Records, France. Between the beginning and the end of the deal, there has been four albums, three videos and two successful tours in France. Gloomy Grim has also made some furious live shows in around Scandinavia & Baltic. After the latest album ( The Grand Hammering 2004 ) and +30 000 sold titles, Gloomy Grim has parted ways with Holy Records. Gloomy Grim feels that this is just the beginning. The tale goes on. So, all in all. Gloomy Grim is now searching for new label and gigs all over the world.

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