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There is more than one artist with this name: 1. A post-hardcore band from Brazil 2. A rock band from Sweden 3. A shoegazing band from Germany 4. A chalga singer from Bulgaria 5. A rock band from Minnesota, United States 6. A rapper from Belgium 7. A musical group active in the 1960's and 1970's 8. A musical group from Italy 9. A folk group from Ireland 10. A brass band from the Czech Republic 11. A Hungarian girl group 1) Gloria is a Brazilian Post-hardcore Band. More info about the band can be found on as well as on 2) Gloria is a Swedish supergroup formed by members of other known Swedish bands and solo artists. They have released two albums, "Gloria" and "People Like You and Me". Vocals are done by two singers, Rebecka Törnqvist and Sara Isaksson, both of whom are well-established solo artists. The band was formed by guitarist Lars Halapi (a member of Bo Kaspers Orkester), who also produced the albums as well as some of Rebecka's solo albums. Other members are: - guitarist Staffan Andersson. who has played with Hovet and Lars Winnerbäck - drummer Peter Korhonen, who has played with Reeperbahn and Di Leva - bassist Sven Lindvall (touring bassist for A-Ha) The band is currently on temporary hiatus as members are busy with other projects. Sara Isaksson & Rebecka Törnqvist in 2006 did a duet album. 3) Gloria is a German indie/shoegaze band which was formed in Cologne in 1996. Current members are André Scherer, Jeffrey Kubiak, Barbara Hoefgen, René Steuns and Michael Braun. The band has played numerous live shows with well-known acts such as The Wedding Present, Feeder, Cranes, The Bravery, Adam Green, Eskobar, British Sea Power and Mew. More info can be found on the band's official MySpace website as well as on 4) Gloria is a Bulgarian "chalga style" singer. For more info visit 5) Gloria is an up and coming rock band out of the Minneapolis area. The band is fronted by a charasmatic and somewhat insane Matt Webster. With twin guitar players Josh Nelson and Chris Shotliff drowning you in a chorus of guitar. The backbone of the band are Nick Griner on the drums and Joe Lampman on the bass. 2007 will see the boys on tour. 6) Gloria is a Belgian female rapper from Ghent 7) Gloria was a group from the late '60s to early '70s. 8) Gloria was an Italian group. 9) Gloria was an Irish folk group. 10 Gloria was a Czech brass band group. 11. Hungarian girl group Gloria released one album in 2008: "Ave Maria"

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