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Gmork biography

December, 30, 2005 can be regarded as the birthday of the band Gmork. The day when Anton “Gloomyr” (ex-In Twilight) and guitarist George “Wargasm”(ex-BattleKrieg) get acquainted as participants of the internet - portal “Metal Library”. They ascertain that both of them feed the passion for this style of extreme music Black Metal and decide to collect the band that will play such music. Wargasm gets in touch with a guitarist Sviatoslav “Neckrion’ and a bass guitarist Evgeny “Vampiroteuthis’ (both - ex-RM). Gloomyr takes place of a vocalist, Wargasm-of the second guitarist. On a general meeting they come to the decision to perform hard guitar black without keys, feminine vocal, acoustics and other elements of softer and “gothic” families of the genre. Gloomyr suggests to name the band Gmork. GMORK- is a character of a novel of the German writer Michael Ende “Neverending story”, the envoy of darkness and chaos coming into material world in the appearance of werewolf. Strenuous rehearsals of the band begin at the end of February, 2006. The band stuff is completed with a drummer Alexey “Mornuar”(ex-RM). The musicians do their best, write songs, change about four rehearsal places. At the beginning of April the first rehearsal demo called “Hymn of Night and Darkness” appears. On April, 9 the band performs the first concert. At the end of May one of the founders Wargasm being in conflict with other participants of the band abandon Gmork. Instead of him Lev “Grimwind” – ex-solo-guitarist of the dark-metal band called NP comes to the group. The first serious demo “Beyond the Midnight Forest” is written by the current stuff. The period full of tension comes in September. There appear difficulties with rehearsal places and misunderstanding between the musicians concerning the further development of Gmork. As the result Grimwind leaves the band. Gmork has nearly been broken for 3 months. The musicians scatter to different projects. Nevertheless Gloomyr and Neckrion keep creating music. At last rehearsals resume in winter 2006. Gmork continues concert activities and then records one more rehearsal demo “Dressed in skin of Wolves” based on a new repertoire. After that Kirill “Suruat” (ex-Thanfall) takes place of the solo guitarist. The new band stuff plans to record the first official release but… The conflict based on different vision of further way results in its next breakup. Both of the guitarists and the drummer leave for another band… Still, this does not stop development of Gmork. The band sits down in a studio with session musicians, work without cease, prepare a new concert program. Mikhail "Karpathian" (ex-Exilibris) takes place of the rhythm-guitarist and the place of the solo-guitarist is occupied by Anton "Ignis" (ex-BP). Later an experienced drummer Matvei "Doc" (ex-Rodovest, ex-Pepelsbey) joins the band. This brings heavier music sound. After serias of successful concerts, in Moscow as well, Ignis abandons Gmork the reason for this being irresistible interpersonal conflict. Suruat, a prodigal son, having made much constructive thinking returns and takes the vacant place. In December, 2008 the first official release – the single “Svarte Vann” recorded by Moscow label “Rigorism prod.” wins a high appraisal of the listeners. In March, 2009 a new split-album goes out with a French one-man band Zarach Baal Tharagh under the name "The Smell of Hell" on Izhevsk label Firstborn Chaos Production. In May 2009 EP " Embrace of Cold White Dust" goes out on label Rigorism prod..It presents an experimental material, executed in stile of instrumental avandgarde/ambient. The band made a lot of gigs including the sets with bands like PANTHEON I(NOR),OMNIUM GATHERUM(FIN),MORBOSIDAD(USA),NUCLEAR WARFARE(DEU), ALKONOST, KATALEPSY. Autumn saw the line-up change: Doc is replaced with another drummer Ivan who already cooperated with Karpathian in Exilibris.

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