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Go Back to the Zoo (GBTTZ) is a poprockband founded in Nijmegen,The Netherlands by the 2 brothers Teun and Cas Hieltjes. Teun (guitar) and Cas (vocals) had been playing together since they were little kids, when one day they decided they needed a drummer. They called their friend Bram and told him the good news, and so Bram became the drummer. A while later they met a nice guy while standing in the waiting line for a Strokes concert. His name was Lars, and Cas, Teun and Bram decided that Lars should be the bass player. Lars, who had never touched a bass guitar in his life, liked the idea and started practicing like crazy. And so Go Back to the Zoo was born. 
 From that moment on they have been writing songs in a dusty old cellar (that also stored a collection of mounted animals). All across the Netherlands Go Back to the Zoo performed their songs, and all across the Netherlands the people liked it. In 2008 they recorded an EP with producer Torre Florim (De Staat), which got picked up by national radio. Their single ‘Beam me up’ was used by Nike for a worldwide campaign and after that, things went crazy. Go Back to the Zoo got signed to Universal Music and in May 2009 ‘Beam me up’ was released as their first official single. In December 2009 they released their second single 'Electric' with a video which features the bandmembers as musical transformers. Currently they are working on their debut album. Friday, the 13th of August, Go Back To The Zoo released their debutalbum called 'Benny Blisto'. The band has put much love and work in this album, and now all their hard work is rewarded with a great album. TA

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