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Goa biography

Goa is a group from Montreal, Quebec Canada They released their debut,self titled album in 2002 Members: Philippe Lambert (Monstre, alien8recordings) Jon Asencio (Doughboys) with help from: Will Glass (Dirty Projectors, Nat Baldwin) Felix Morel (Fly Pan am, Et Sans) Alex Moskos (Unireverse, Thames) Joel Taylor & Michelle Chow. Sounds like Pygmies making minimal techno in a neon forest, playing short songs mixing tribal drums, wordless chants and rainbow electronics.It's trance but not Goa trance.. Influences: Batucada, Voodoo Drums, Gamelan, Filter House, Techno, Minimalism, Ciccadas, Birds, Water Discography: Goa!- ST (2002) Robosapien Records, CD, "Space punk" Goa - 1 a St-Louis de Terrebonne (2004), Distroroboto, mini CD, Goa - Crystal Damage (2005) CDr Goa - 3 (2008), CD

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