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Goalien biography

Goalien is Boris Huskic from Belgrade , Serbia. And is currently living in Oslo , Norway. The project Goalien started in 2005-2006. Since then he's been on several compilations and also been performing in several countries. Musical wise , Goalien is between Old School Goa Trance & Powerful Israeli Nitzhonot , as so , Having the best of the two genres , That makes him a Nitzhogoa artist. Goalien also runs the net label (Sita Records) together with Elias Gits (Agneton), Our aim is to provide you with some blasting music, mainly Goa-Trance and Nitzhonot (Nitz-ho-Goa). We are focussing on wild savage, floating and hypnotic Goa-Trance and dancefloor pumping Nitzhonot. We're constantly looking out for new & talented artists! So you think you got what this label demands? You're welcome to send us your tracks! Please send your track here!!! <Sita_records@hotmail.com>

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