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Goamech biography

GoaMech (Maxim Drumov) from Saint-Petersburg, Russia started his musical career in the mid 90s, when he became interested in electronic music. Around the summer of 1995 was his first experience with what was called until than, Goa Trance. Maxim produced music on Spectrum, Amiga, and then PC computers in traker programs. After that, he bought some equipment, powerful computers and started producing Goa Trance and Ambient music at his studio. His music is truly full inspiration of the Goa Trance, which is rare and most unique around the scene today. Maxim feels that only through out this powerful music he can send his message, express himself and his inner feelings. His music a mixture of emotions and psychedelic atmosphere wrapped around with positive energies. GoaMech will do everithing possible to keep the vibes alive, that is the need of our times and the true Goa spirit. ex. Open Mind a.k.a. OM, Shankar, DrumOff.

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