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Gökhan Özen (born 29 November 1979 in Ankara, Turkey) is a popular contemporary Turkish pop singer and one of the pop idols of Turkey with his strong voice, his ability as a lyricist and composer and of course his baby-face among the teen-agers throughout Turkey. After graduating from T.E.D. Ankara High School in 1996, he moved to Istanbul for his College Educatıon in the Faculty Of Economics and Administrative Sciences of Yıldız Technical University. Özen started his musical education in 1986 at Polyphonic Choir for Children in Ankara State Opera and Ballet Institution. In 1988 he started Children's Choir of Turkish Classical Music in T.R.T. Ankara. He practiced under the supervision of valuable radio performers such as Özgen Gürbüz, Kemal Caner & Cemile Uncu. He also received special courses in playing classical guitar and keyboard. While he was studying in College, he started to work as a DJ in various national radios&studied guitar in "Academy Istanbul". His live show "Gökhan Özen'le Canlı Canlı" at Best FM in 1999, was his first effort that introduced him to fans. His debut album "OZELSIN" released in 2000 came after his live show. "Usuyorum" was the video coming out from the album. His second album "DUMAN GOZLUM" was a chartbreaker. The hit single of the album "Aramazsan Arama" played everywhere throughout the year. "Aramazsan Arama, Tabir-i Caizse, Don carem, Ayaz" were the videos coming out from the album. In 2003 he released "CIVCIV" from DMC Productions. The album reached Platınum Status & "Boşver" was selected as the video tracks of the album. The album was then re-released with addition of the remix version "Yemezler". "Civciv, Aman Bosver, Herseyde Biraz Sen Varsin" were the videos coming out from the album. On February 14th 2004, exclusively pertaining to the Valentine's Day of the same year, 1000 Memory CDs of the song "Herşeyde Biraz Sen Varsin" was released and distributed to his fans. The album "ASLINDA" in September 2004 was released after a hard working 5 months studio session. The artist also took over the productıon of the album himself. The album title "ASLINDA" was assigned by the fans througout internet. The young pop idol co-operated with respected musicians in the album, consisting of 10 newest tracks; such as Yıldız Tilbe, Hakkı Yalçın, Nermin Dize, Kurban Ilham Farmanow beside his own lyrics& compositions. The songs were arranged by Gökhan Özen himself & the talented musicians Suat Aydoğan and Erhan Bayrak. "Öyle Büyü ki Kalbimde", "Sana Yine Muhtacım" "Kader Utansın", "Yaşın Tutmaz" were the videos coming out from the album. Gökhan, on 2005, completed his maxi-single "KALBIM SENINLE-ONE MORE TIME" and had it released and had two videos recorded for the two songs of the same CD "Benim İçin Napardın" and "Kalbim Seninle". Gökhan Özen stepped into acting life as a professional actor in 2006, by a TV series called "Sevda Çiçeği". His surprisingly impressive performance as an actor, carried the said production to the top of all the Turkish TV rating lists for the weeks in was scheduled and therefore the channel decided to prolong the number of episodes in order to provide the pleasing demand. He, since then, has been receiving numerous offers from other national TV Channels and Producers as well for new productions and shows, however in order to prepare his new album of 2007 he chose to take a break in his acting life and locked himself in his studio for months. As he has completed his 5th new album of 2007 "RESİMLER&HAYALLER" he also recently started to shoot a new TV Series called "Yalan Dünya". "Tovbeliyim, Aglamak Sirayla, Inkar Etme" were the videos coming out from the album. And now the final Maxi single "Bize Ask Lazim" (We need love) is published on June 3rd 2008. This Maxi Single consists of 5 new songs and 8 tracks with different versions. In the album, all songs' music partitions are prepared by Gokhan Ozen. 2 songs' lyrics are prepared by Hakki Yalcin who is a famous journalist in Turkey. Gokhan Ozen has 3 lyrics in the album which one of them is written together with Ms. Deniz Erten. The compositions in the album are prepared by Gokhan Ozen, Erhan Bayrak and Suat Aydogan. In this Maxi Single, the photo shootings, stylings and the visual design issues are commited by Ozgur Aras's (the manager of Gokhan Ozen) creative team. From the first day that the album is published, the demand for the album in the music markets has satisfied the producers. In 2010, he released a new album, Başka, consisting of 16 tracks. Kindest Regards, Gokhan Ozen

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