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Gonzalez biography

There are at least three groups using the name Gonzalez. 1) is the British jazz-funk band whose self-titled album Gonzalez, released in 1974 on Soul Brother, scored hits such as Haven't stopped dancin' yet. 2) are an indie rock group from the Dominican Republic. Their band members are as follows: Vocals & Guitar - Nelson G., Guitar: Diego Mena and Bass: Oscar Marchena. 3) Is a stoner rock band from Atlanta Georgia, with the bands members: Joe Voisin - Guitar, Vocals Kevin Watford - Drums Allan Mozingo - Bass Joe Giddings - Lead Guitar Influenced by bands such as: Black Flag, Black Sabbath, Queens of the Stone Age, Melvins, Foo Fighters, Kyuss, Hellacopters, Bad Brains. can be found: http://www.myspace.com/gonzalezband http://www.allthatisheavy.com/info.asp?item_num=ATH-1503 Gonzalez is also a misspelling of the name of the Canadian pianist and electronic music artist Gonzales signed to Kitty-Yo.

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