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Next to be added to the list of luminaries that comprise the southern takeover is SRC/Universal Motown recording artist Grandaddy Souf, (pronounced “sowf”). Born and raised in Orlando Florida, known mostly as a vacation spot, Souf’s childhood memories are a far cry from Disney World. His national debut entitled Chasing My Dream, gives his fans an intimate look into Grandaddy Souf the man, his music and the issues on his mind. The highly anticipated record set for release on June 26, 2007 is a high energy eclectic blend of Southern style club bangers and reality based street anthems that are headed to the top of the charts. Born Anson Watts, the son of recovering addicts, Souf’s childhood years were spent under the guidance of his grandparents. He was living on his own at twelve, facing two felony charges by the age of fifteen yet he excelled in both sports and music. His passion for sports earned him a scholarship to the University of Arizona, where he played football and ran track until an injury sidelined him. With a college degree in hand, he returned to Orlando and eventually relapses into the pitfalls, which had plagued his community, the sale and distribution of narcotics. “I got reacquainted with the street life,” explains Souf. “It wasn’t something that I was trying to make into a career. It was just me trying to survive. That chapter of my life is forever closed. All I can do is move forward.” Moving forward for Souf was establishing a business partnership with two friends on an independent record company in 1999, Parra Mo Entertainment. That same year, the trio released Souf’s underground debut Da Drought that was fueled by the single “F**k Da Law,” selling over 35,000 copies. It wasn’t long before Da Drought caught the ear of the legendary Steve Rifkind who signed him to Loud Records. In 2001, Loud’s parent company was restructured and Loud was no longer in existence. With other offers on the table, particularly from Sony Music, Souf remained loyal to Rifkind, who in 2003, opened up SRC with Grandaddy Souf as the label’s first artist. Four years later, the release of his SRC debut Chasing My Dream is finally coming to fruition. Produced by Joe Blowe Da CEO, Tha Nox, Dale Babb, and Triple X Beats, Chasing My Dream is indeed a timeless classic filled with the genuine joy, passion and pain of a man who has been through the fire and lived to tell it all. His lead single “Keep Em Coming Back,” Grandaddy Souf speaks directly to the ladies by boasting about his sexual prowess in the boudoir. Built around a funky organ, a booming 808 bass, crashing hi hats and funky soulful horns “Keep Em Coming Back” gives the listener a glimpse of Souf’s naughty side. His follow-up single and bass-laden club banger “Deputy Dope Boy,” is a song that takes aim at “snitches.” While both of those cuts are exceptional, it is songs like the insightful tune “The Gospel,” the albums introspective track that truly stands out. According to Souf, the song “Chasing My Dream” was inspired by the reaction he got after moving to Memphis to become apart of Hypnotize Mindz (Three 6 Mafia, Project Pat, Frayser Boy, Lil Wyte and Chrome). “People [in Orlando] felt like I turned my back on home. But it’s not that I turned my back, I felt that I was limiting my career by sitting at home. When opportunity knocked, I answered. In this song I am explaining to my critics that I’m just chasing my dream.” With the release of this album as a solo artist, Grandaddy Souf is finally going to live his dream. Bio written and edited by ChiQ Simms, Publicist DIVAdend Entertainment 404 816 6000

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