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We are Green River Ordinance: Josh Jenkins (vocals, acoustic) Jamey Ice (lead guitar) Joshua Wilkerson (electric guitar) Geoff Ice (bass) Denton Hunker (drums) GRO, from Ft. Worth, Texas delivers a raucous blend of acoustic-driven power-pop rock that, while changing often in tempo and timbre, never sounds anything less than pristine, dynamic, smart, and uniquely Green River Ordinance. They've sold over 20,000 copies between their 2 independent releases: their full length debut, Beauty of Letting Go (avail for free @ and their new EP, Way Back Home. They've packed houses across the Country, and have toured with the likes of Bon Jovi, Collective Soul, The Click 5, Blue October, Bowling for Soup, Flickerstick, Eisley, Simple Plan, Mutemath, Matt Wertz, Lovedrug and many other bands already established in the music world. Just barely old enough to be customers in the bars they sometimes play, the band is anything but green. They have lived the life, and on stage or in the studio, this fact is obvious. Smooth, polished and professional, their musicianship and stage presence belies their youth. They look like what they are: rock stars. But that's where the similarity ends. You won't find these young men bashing their way through hotel room walls or overdosing on the latest chemical craze on a tour bus. GRO is not like other bands on the way to the top. Negativity isn't their thing. Positive in the face of all the adversity rock and roll can throw at them, the joy they have with each other, and with their music, shines in their faces. They walk their own walk, and they walk it proudly. They are making their own rules, taking their own place in time, making their own mark on the world. And they are loving every minute of it. - David Kilpatrick

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