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Greis biography

Greis is an MC from Switzerland and a member of the Bern-based rap-crew "Chlyklass" (small grade of school) After his solo debut "EIS" (Swiss-german for "One") in 2003 he went on to release albums with his crews PVP and Chlyklass, as well as a collaboration album with Curse, Taz, and Claud, and countless guest appearances. In Winter 2007 he released his second album simply called "2". Special feature: the whole album has been recorded twice on two CDs. One in Swiss-german, the other one in French. So it is possible for almost 90% of Swiss people to understand his lyrics! In 2008, together with writer Guy Krneta and musician Jakob Apfelböck, he released the album "Winnetou Bühler". It's a fusion between literature and rap, certainly one of the most innovative albums of (Swiss) Hiphop. In 2009 the album "III" was be released, somewhat concluding themes from "Eis" and "2". In 2012 he released the album "Me Love". It was followed in 2013 by "Greis Anatomy", which was published solely as download and LP version. Finally, in 2015 he released his probably last and final album "Hünd i parkierte Outos" (Swiss-german for "Dogs in parked cars").

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