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Grey is: 1) Grey, female doom metal group, Seattle WA. 2) Grey, solo psychedelic rock artist, Enid, OK. 3) Grey, Funky Deep House artist, Blunted Funk label. 4) Grey, hip-hop artist, Moscow, Russia, Dollar Records 5) Grey, Solo black metal artist, France. 6) Grey, Belgium rock band 7) Grey, rock band from Bosnia 8) Grey, Melbourne Dance/Electronic producer and DJ 9) Grey, Alt. Metal, Hard Rock, Modern Rock band from Macedonia. 10) Grey, a band from Italy, Artes Records 11) mislabeled id-3 tags for Gray and The Grey 12) Grey Official, metal band, Hamburg, Germany 13) Grey, Post Rock Band, Palembang Indonesia 14)Grey Wulf, Solo stoner metal, Richmond, VA Dibentuk pada tahun 2008, band ini sempat merilis demo yg dipublikasikan gratis via internet pada bulan April 2009 lalu. Berisi tiga lagu, "Deep Inside My Room", "Sketsa Hidup", dan juga "Sore Yang Berkaca-kaca" yang kemudian terpilih oleh redaksi majalah musik nasional, Trax Magazine, untuk masuk album kompilasi "TRAXOUND Vol.4" yang diedarkan sebagai bonus Trax Magazine edisi Agustus 2010. Kompilasi itu pula yang perlahan membuka perhatian publik musik indie nasional akan eksistensi GREY. Sebagai kelanjutan proses kreatif yang juga membawa perubahan terhadap formasi personil yang kini diawaki oleh Dony Widianto (vokal), R. Ikhsan (gitar), Nico (bass), Erwin Wijaya (gitar) dan Aulia Effendy (drums), sejak akhir tahun lalu secara bertahap GREY merekam materi baru untuk album debut yang direncanakan rilis tahun 2012. Dan, sebagai bentuk prolog pengantar album debutnya serta usaha memperkenalkan suara bariton dari vokalis baru pengganti Ade Irawan yang mengundurkan diri, di penghujung tahun ini GREY menyuguhkan single "Akhirnya Nanti". Menceritakan sebuah kisah romansa penuh harapan nan muram dalam bait liriknya, "Akhirnya Nanti" merekam fragmen jalinan kasih dua insan dalam penantian, pertemuan hingga getir maut yang memisahkan dalam kesederhanaan komposisinya. Para penggemar indie rock lokal bisa merasakan debur emosi single "Akhirnya Nanti" yang bisa diunduh dengan gratis di situs musik alternatif, Deathrockstar ( Dengan harapan "Akhirnya Nanti" akan bisa menjadi obat penawar yang mengisi rentang waktu hingga album debutnya dirilis tahun depan; dan semoga kalian pun bisa membawa kabar akan mutiara dari Bumi Sriwijaya bernama GREY. 13) Grey, Russian ambient artist 1) Out of Seattle, Washington, members of the now disfunct. death metal band Baba Yaga regrouped in 2005 as the band Grey. Members of this band: Suzanne Morales aka GypsyWitch (guitar & vocals) Becca Gherardini aka BitchHammer (drums) AJ RisCassi aka LunaLoca (bass) They have released their first album entitled "Sisters of the Wyrd" in 2008. Check them out on MySpace. 2) Grey is a solo singer-songwriter from Enid, Oklahoma. He also appears on the Tranquoizier track, "Last Chance Disaster" and doubles as country artist Ure Man. Grey's classic rock inspired songs are influenced by the Doors, the Beatles, and the progressive art rock of the 1970s, especially Rush and Yes. He has self-released 7 studio albums, one Christmas album, and 2 live albums since 2000. His psychedelic rock track, "Joyous Occasion" was used in the 2003 kiteboarding documentary, Liquid Wind. He has also released several award-winning music videos and music documentary projects in collaboration with filmmaker, D. Lang. Grey, a former member of the bands Elixir, The Blithering Idiots, and Milo, collaborates with a number of musicians in his recordings, including Patrick Costello and Kevin Bunch of Cemetery Circus, Dave Skinner and Mark Dorman of 3 Legged Monkey, and Steve Harwood of the E-Town Rhythm Kings. Brothers Jason Harbour and Mikey Harbour have been regular artists on Grey's releases since 2002's Rock & Pop. Discography: Colours (2000, 2005) Live at Pegasys (2001) Rock And Pop (2002, 2005) Acoustic Grey (2002) Anamnesis (2004) Faded Colours I & II (2005) Grey's Christmas Memories (2005) Words and Music (2006) Ice World (2009) Inquire Within (2010) Official Website: Myspace: 3) Shame On You EP (Slater Hogan & Scottie B remixes) by the Funky Deep House artist GREY on the Blunted Funk US label. 4) A Dollar Records hip-hop artist from Moscow, Russia, also takes the name, Grey. 5) Grey is also the name of a solo black metal artist from France, who has released an album entitled First Shade Of. 6) Grey is also the name of a rock band in Belgium 7) A rock band from Banja Luka, Republic of Srpska entity, Bosnia and Herzegovina 8) Grey, Melbourne Dance/Electronic producer and DJ 9) Grey, a band from Italy, with two releases on Artes Records: Elephants Fall EP (2002), and Sulphur (2004) Band Members: Luca Palleschi vocals, electric and acoustic guitar; Paolo Soragna electric guitar; Andrea Mazzocchi bass; Diego Tininini drums and percussions 10) Also, showing up on the charts, as a mislabeled id-3 tag, is The Grey from Ottawa, Canada, and Gray, the post-punk band featuring Jean Michel Basquiat and Vincent Gallo. Please update your tags. 11) Grey, metal band from Hamburg, Germany. Bastardized Recordings. Expect a rough and massive wall of Mathcore-sound combined with an unique groove created by a band that keeps the idea of DIY alive. The story of GREY has begun in Hamburg in the middle of 2008 when members of heavy weighting Hardcorebands like Under Siege, Cities of Sleep or Pignation found together to create something new and atemporal. 12.Post rock band from South Sumatera 13)Grey Wulf, age twenty five, real name shrouded in lies. History stems from heroin and other substance abuse. Recently said, "Only have been playing bass since last year". Not much is known besides he seems to have been born in tacoma washington. Has a tattoo on his chest with a wolf and antlers. GREY Grey is an alternative rock band found in 2012 by four Macedonians including guitarists Aleksandar Taci and Chris Wolf, bassist Dime, and drummer Filip as well as the lead vocalist Croatian Zoran Misic – Zox who joined the band in 2013. Aleksandar Taci, Dime and Filip have been members of another alternative band for couple of years and after it’s disbandment in 2012 they decided to make a new, better formation. They gathered forces with aspiring guitarist Chris Wolf and their search for the ideal vocalist began… Their search for a lead vocalist brought them to Zoran Misic – Zox, an ex contestant on the Croatian Idol talent show and already established artist on the Croatian music scene. The power of his vocals was exactly what the band needed and after the initial meeting they soon decided to get in the studio to record the band’s first material. When deciding on the name of the new band the members knew that they wanted something short, unique and meaningful to all of them. Inspired by their philosophy that life is all about balance they decided to name the band “GREY” as grey being the color that balances black and white. The production process was next and the band management decided to bring the established French producer Brett Caldas-Lima on board. After a period of hard work the debut EP was released worldwide. The self-titled EP contains four songs and offers insight into the band’s style which can be described as a mix of hard rock, metal, alternative rock and classic rock. Their unique style is what makes the bend interesting for the worldwide audience. Although with only one EP released so far, the fan base of the band is getting bigger every day which promises much more from “GREY” in the future.

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