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(1.) Classic Speed/Traditional Metal from California, US. Known recordings Include 2 demos and 2 albums: 1984 "Flight of the Griffin", and 1986 "Protectors of the Lair" (2.) One of the finest metal bands hailing from Norway since TNT, GRIFFIN proves the Norwegian scene has something else to offer than black metal. Founder Kai Nergaard (g) was several times asked to join Children of Bodom by Alexi Laiho himself, but had to reject to pursue his dream to succeed with GRIFFIN! Just finished touring in Europe with King Diamond, preparing for the next masterpiece! Griffin was formed in late 1998. "We started playing around, just having fun. However, after just a couple of rehearsals, we realized that this was not just another project. Based on our love and passion for the same music style, we decided to pursue our mutual dreams and ambitions by making a 100% effort and commitment to Griffin . The only kind of devotion this band deserves. We grew up listening to the masters of metal from the 70's and 80's, and our goal will always be to focus on the energy and vitality of the best bands from that era, both visually and musically. The classic heavy metal from Norway has never received much attention, because of the massive exposure of Black Metal. We wanted to change that!" - After two demos recorded in 1999, the band got French label Season Of Mist's attention, and they released their first, two full length albums; Wasteland Serenades(2000) and The Sideshow(2002). During the period between the two releases, they added a second guitar player Marcus Silver, in order to focus more on melodies and guitar harmonies. Silver was headhunted for the job because of his world class axework. Both of the albums, and especially the second one, have received critical acclaim worldwide. After the release of The Sideshow, Griffin's singer at the time, Tommy Sebastian, left the band, and was replaced by Peter Beck. In 2003, they inked a deal with the Norwegian label FaceFront, who released Griffin's third album entitled No Holds Barred in September the same year. This album was co-produced by Alexi Laiho from Children of Bodom and Sinergy. He also contributed with some guitar and back-up vocals. A Japanese label, Spiritual Beast, bought the distribution rights for the Asian market for that particular recording. The album got standing ovations from the press, they claimed that Griffin was on the very edge of conquering the Norwegian metal throne. They recorded a professional video for the first time with the song The Sentence. This video has since then had massive airplay on Norwegian television, and was among the top 5 requested tracks on a national metal video show for more than six months! For the fourth album, Griffin signed a worldwide deal with Spiritual Beast (excluding Norway which is still FaceFront's area). This album, entitled Lifeforce, was produced by legendary King Diamond guitarplayer, Andy LaRocque. Lifeforce has a European distribution through Massacre Records. After the release of Lifeforce, both Pete and Marcus parted ways with Griffin. Marcus Silver soon formed a new band, Triosphere. Marcus was replaced by an 18 year old guitar virtuoso named Roar “Emperoar” Naustvoll who has been a long time fan of the band. Pete was replaced by Rolf Bakken, one of the most acclaimed rock singers in the local scene. The band is once again ready to hit the road and tour again. In May 2006 Griffin will support King Diamond on a European tour. Currently Griffin is recording their 5th album, The Ultimate Demise. Peter Beck make a visit as the Griffin was making their recordings. The new album include support vocals from Pete. Current Lineup * Kai Nergaard - Guitar * Roar “Emperoar” Naustvoll - Lead Guitar * Rolf Bakken - Vocals * Johnny Wangberg - Bass * Alessandro Elide - Drums (3.) Dutch Rock band, played with bands like Danko Jones, Sugarcult and Millionaire. They split up in 2007. (4.) Acoustic solo project of Stonehammer and Aryan singer Griffin. (5.) Japanese punk rock band that started out as Misfits influenced, suddenly change direction into a Pogues influence, then once again changed direction into a British skinhead influenced band singing about football and the like. (6.) Griffin, American rapper, part of the Tunnel Rats group. (7.) Eighties Electro-Funk-Pop producer and former A&R Representative at Warner Bros. Records Reginald D. Griffin. (8.) Californian band formed in 1971 and who released a self-titled LP in 1972. They were: M. Brady - vocals, bass G. Duckworth - vocals, lead guitar G. Green - vocals, drums

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