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There are at least two bands with the name Grom whose, to keep it neutral, artistic appeal couldn't be more different. 1) Grom, a synth pop duo which consisted of Florian Horwath and Michael Kuhn (AKA Michelle Grinser of Dakar & Grinser). 2) Grom, a Nazi/RAC Metal/Hardcore act based in the United States. 1) Grom the synth pop duo play self-described "heroin funk" (A reference to the promotion of artists like Superpitcher as "heroin house" by their cologne based techno label Kompakt). Other people would call it dance music, as the musicians are veterans of the club scene and the aesthetics of the sound, even though calmer, softer as typical club music directly evolved from there. Not by surprise, as for well over ten years, Florian Horwath and Michael Kuhn have worked as DJ’s, club organisers, journalists and label bosses: Florian Horwath worked for the Austrian youth radio station “FM4” for six years and just as long as the organiser of the Viennese club “Softmashine”. Michael Kuhn has been spinning disks as “Michelle Grinser” at Munich’s “Ultraschall” for eight years, before that he released records on Disko B as “Dakar & Grinser”, and runs the mini-label “Fortina”. On stage they used to wear martial catsuits. Meanwhile they disbanded or put the project on hold as Michael Kuhn aka Michelle Grinser is back at Dakar & Grinser and Florian Horwath pursues a solo career on berlin based Lousiville Records. Grom the synth pop duo was highly prolific from 2001 to 2004 and released not only the album Sadness Sells to critical acclaim in 2002 but a steady stream of singles, remixes and exclusive contributions to compilations. See for a more complete discography. 2) Grom the NSBM band proclaims it has strong Slavonic/Mediterranean influence within its lyrics, due to that being the racial composition of the band. When they formed originally in the late 90's they opened for many well-known mainstream metal acts such as Immolation, Deicide, Incantation, sometimes playing before as many as 600 people. The band was originally composed of 2 polish immigrants, J-Sick on vocals and Heilige Krieger on bass, along with H.K. Belarus (who was from Belarus, obviously) on drums, and of course the bands leader, Ymir G. Winter (Greek/Slavonic descent), on guitar & backing vocals. They recorded the extremely raw and now out of print demo "Coat of Arms" around this time. They received some support from the already established Nazi Skinhead scene with their first interview being on the skin-operated [removed a domain including the digits 88 which has nothing to do with this article], now down. This attracted some attention from Vinland Winds Records, who along with Hakenkreuz Records, released Grom's first CD, a mini-CD entitled "Pagan War Machine". Grom quickly grew to notoriety for being a fanatically racist, Anti-Semetic, White Power Pagan NSBM band. A more exhaustive version of this article about the NSBM band can be found on Wikipedia.

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