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Groovemaster303 biography

I'm a self-taught composer who enjoys listening to and creating different styles of dance music. In the past i've used various grooveboxes like the Roland MC-303, MC-505 and The Korg Electribe series, although now i tend to use software simply because of it's ease of use and superb overall sound quality. I have produced music for a variety of homebrew video games. most notably the Streets Of Rage Remake project, in which i contributed 5 remixes while working alongside other great artists such as Gecko Yamori and B-A-C. Other VG games i've worked on include writing the Main and End Theme for Callisto on the PSP and the entire OST for Nanotron for PC. I am currantly working on the music for an all new puzzle game entitled Puzzle Carnival Update: July 19th 2008 New Album "Progression" released.

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