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Group Tamashii (グループ魂, Gurūpu Tamashii) is a Japanese rock band. It was started by actors in a theatrical company called "Otona Keikaku" (Project Adult) in 1995. Its original members were Hakai (Sadao Abe), Boudou (Kankuro Kudo), and Baito Kun (Seminosuke Murasugi). When it started, the group was just a group of comedians using the guitar. The members perform in many theaters, and also at Shōten. In 1997, bass, guitar, and drum players join and became a band. In 2002 they released their debut album called Run Tamashi Run (Run魂Run) while they were signed to "MIDI". In 2005, Group Tamashi signed to Ki/oon Records. The name of the band derives from the song "Tamashi Kogashite" of the Jrock band Arb. The reason they put the "Group" in the band name is "Nobody didn't say 'Group' by myself." In 2008 they released a long-awaited new album entitled "Patsun Patsun". It was their longest album to date, at 27 tracks, and featured them covering a new variety of musical genres such as reggae and hip-hop. 2010 marks the group's 15th anniversary, and several releases and events are scheduled in honor of it. Several of the members of Group Tamashii also have jobs as actors and writers, in addition to their music careers. Members - Vocal: Hakai "Destroy" (Sadao Abe) - Guitar: Boudou "Riot" (Kankuro Kudo) - Harmonica: Baito Kun "Side Job" (Seminosuke Murasugi) - Vocal: Minato Kaworu (Sarutoki Minagawa) - Bass: Kozono (Ryuichi Kozono) - Drums: Sekken "Soap" (Hiroki Miyake) - Guitar: Chikoku "Late" (Taku Tomizawa)

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