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The very first meeting between Grubson and Hip-Hop took place in 1993, courtesy of his older brother - DJ Hudy, who started to promote 'black' music in his hometown Rybnik while organizing Hip-Hop parties - so called 'Rapoteki'. Grubson started to take Hip-Hop more serious at the end of 1997 when his first group "Po-3na Roznica" was formed (Grubson, Max, Rav). Tracks were recorded in the cellar onto the 1/4 inch recorder. 2 years later 'Jaco' joins the group and from now on they call themselves "Czwarta Zmiana" AKA "Tworca Sklad". The main aim for the boys was to create a style which is very rough, spontaneous, wild, basically hardcore. In 2001 after first 'illegal' - "Przez caly czas" the group falls apart. Grubson doesn't give up and works on his own productions while looking for new members. Meanwhile opportunity comes and he takes over the Hip-Hop parties when his brother goes abroad. After a year a new band is formed - "Wolnosc Slowa" (Grubson, GRF, Zorza, Aro). New tracks are being made on PC with a bit of help from programs such as: Fruity Loops, Cool Edit, Gold Wave and Acid. In 2002 comes the first demo - "W.S.Squad - Wolnosc slowa" (Grubson, GRF, Zorza), all done in Grubson's bedroom. Unfortunately, various dramatic incidents occurs and "W.S.Squad" ends its short life. Between 2003/04 Grubson releases his solo 'illegal' - "Grubson - N.O.C." (Nowiny-Osiedle-Chabrowa) and a promoting video clip. The album consists of Hip-Hop, Dancehall and Ruffneck mixture. At the same time he cooperates with MC 'ZyebOneKilla' forming "2G" (Dwoch Grubasow). After winning the competition for the best production using the beat of a Hip-Hop producer 'Dino' (D.N.O.), another cooperation begins straight away. More and more gigs, more recordings, more connections. During one of the gigs in Gliwice Grubson meets "Bezkres", a dancehall/reggae band who invites him to become a member and that's how "Wspolny Mianownik Sound System" is formed ( Grubson recognizes the energetic flow of dancehall and reggae and mixes it with his Hip-Hop roots. Various recordings and gigs create strong relationship within the group and their new, original flow attracts more and more audience. In the meantime Grubson works on his second solo album and also producing beats for various bands across Poland. He meets 'Metrowy' who also joins W.M.S.S. Tracks like "Bilet" and "Witamy na Slasku" appear on Reggae Forum in 2006 and cooperation with a producer from Lodz 'MMF' (Dread Squad) begins. It was supposed to bring the first Grubson's legal album but that never happens due to various factors. Grubson doesn't waste time and focuses on his double album while producing mixtapes, instrumentals and 'illegals' named 'Unleashed & Remixed'. Having enough material Grubson joins the label 'Sila-Z-Pokoju' which belongs to a famous hip-hop producer DJ Feel-X (Kaliber 44). The good relationship is inevitable since both of them are having similar, crazy character. In 2007 after winning the competition for the best production Grubson records a promo single which would appear on the 3rd album - 'Kodex 3' by producers Magiera & L.A. Video clip is released shortly altogether with Gural and Fokus. Grubson also appears on the compilation 'Silesia na Slaskich bitach', mixtapes by Junior Stress and on the website Nowadays Grubson cooperates with following artists: Zaloga MaxFloRec. , Skorup, Majkel, East West Rockers Sound System, LSM Sound System, RainbowHiFi Sound System, Antikings Sound System, JuniorStress, Bas Tajpan, Miód&Frenchman, NaturalDreadKillaz, DJ FEEL-X, DJ Twister, DJ Bart, DJ Ramone, Grafomanii, ZeroRHPlus, Dreadsquad, DonGuralesko and many more to whom he sends a 'BIG BLESS'!

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