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The band Grupa 220 (Group 220) was formed in 1966 with members of bands Ehosi and Jutarnje Zvijezde (Morning Stars). They had their first gig in october the same year. In december they record their first song "Osmijeh" which becomes a big hit right away. Very soon they become one of the most popular bands in former Yugoslavia. Long hairs and "flower power" clothes attracted lot of young people. Flowers were the tickets for their concerts. In 1967 and 1968 Drago Mlinarec (vocal and guitar) composed music for two films "Protest" and "Tri sata ljubavi" - both films were directed by Fadil Hadzic. Grupa 220 also appears in the film "Tri sata ljubavi". They take part in Zagreb 68 and Split 68 festivals, and also first pop festival in Zagreb. Grupa 220 released the first rock long play record in ex Yugoslavia - "Nasi dani" LP. They played as support band on the concerts of Marmelade, Status Quo and Mango Jerry when they were touring ex Yugoslavia 1968. 1971 Mlinarec leaves the band and goes solo. Grupa 220 continues to exist and record without him till 1975 when they split up.

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