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Grzegorz Turnau (born on July 31, 1967 in Kraków, Poland) - Polish composer, arranger, pianist poet and singer. Grzegorz Turnau created characteristic music style which binded to jazz, smooth-jazz and sometimes folk. In his music he uses such instruments as saxophone, pipe, hautboy, electric and acoustic guitars and also string instruments and complete rythm section (percussion, ethnic drumms and bass guitar). His first album, recorded in 1991, was "Naprawdę nie dzieje się nic" ("Nothing really happens"). Afterwards, he has had such hits as "Między ciszą a ciszą" ("Between silence and silence") from 1995, among others. His latest album is "Fabryka Klamek" ("Factory of Door Handles"), recorded in 2010. Grzegorz Turnau is currently touring in support of his latest record.

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