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There is more than one artist with this name: a rock group and a trance DJ. 1) GTR was a supergroup founded in 1986 by ex-Genesis guitarist Steve Hackett and Yes and Asia guitarist Steve Howe. Other members included vocalist (and former milkman) Max Bacon (ex-Moby Dick, Nightwing, Bronz), bassist Phil Spalding (ex-Bernie Torme, Toyah, Mike Oldfield, Original Mirrors), and American drummer Jonathan Mover (ex-Marillion, later of Steve Vai fame). GTR's only studio album, a self-titled LP produced by Geoffrey Downes of Asia, released by Arista Records, went gold and spawned a hit single, "When the Heart Rules the Mind", which stayed in the charts for 16 weeks. Another single, "The Hunter," received some video coverage and modest airplay. While GTR's album was a chart success, it is highly debated with many fans of Genesis and Yes. Some fans claim it has rather substandard filler material and some criticism directed at Max Bacon's strident tenor. J.D. Considine's review of the album simply read, "SHT.". However, it has become somewhat of a cult classic among fans, with some of them regarding it the best work ever. After the US tour Steve Hackett departed the band and together with new member guitarist / vocalist Robert Berry (ex Hush) they returned to the studio to record demos for their second album with workingtitle Neurotrend. During the recording process Arista Records went cold on the band. GTR split up in 1987, and soon after Robert Berry joined 3, with Carl Palmer and Keith Emerson. Max Bacon joined Geoffrey Downes and John Payne for the Rain project. The track "Prizefighters", available only as a live recording on the King Biscuit Flower Hour disc was re-recorded by Steve Hackett with Bonnie Tyler on vocals and released in 2000 on the album Feedback 86. _____________________ 2) GTR is also a pseudonym for Gareth Emery, a Trance DJ and Producer. Based in Southampton, England, Gareth Emery is a producer and DJ of trance music who comes from a diverse musical background that has included classical piano training, jazz, and even a little punk rock. Now ranked #34 in the 2006 DJ Mag Poll, Gareth is definitely a rising star that is catching the ears of the world. Gareth Emery first came to the attention of the electronic music community early in 2002 when his debut vinyl release, a white label remix of The Shrink's classic 'Nervous Breakdown' was broadcast live on BBC Radio 1 from the Mardi Gras festival on Judge Jules' show. After being championed by a host of DJs including Eddie Halliwell, Guy Ornadel, Scot Project and Dave Pearce, 'Nervous Breakdown' was immediately picked up by Nutrition for an official release and later featured on a number of compilations including the Godskitchen Direct mix album. Following the hard tech-trance flavour of 'Nervous Breakdown', Gareth turned his attention back to his traditional home of trance with his next release, a double a-side comprised of the tracks 'Psiclone' and 'Flood Control' on his own label Influential. The release picked up considerable support from all the major trance spinners including Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten. However, the track that truly put Gareth on the production map was GTR – ‘Mistral', which was the fourth track he had produced. Never destined to become an anthem, it was produced entirely on a laptop computer over the course of a two week holiday in Provence. Nevertheless, the sole CDR that Gareth sent to Paul van Dyk caused a storm when Paul van Dyk debuted it live on radio from the Nature One Festival, and soon after it was signed by Five AM records, helping it to become a truly global trance anthem. With its driving electro-style grooves and memorable riff, Mistral received huge support from the some of the world's leading DJ's, including Tiesto, Paul van Dyk, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten, and highly positive reviews in all the major UK magazines including Mixmag, Muzik, and DJ. Significantly featuring on Tiesto's 'Nyana' album, 'Mistral' went on to be voted 26th biggest trance record of the year in a poll conducted by Armin van Buuren on his ID&T radio show. Following his rise to fame, Gareth Emery has made regular appearances at UK superclubs like Godskitchen, Slinky, The Gallery and Passion, has established an international residency in Vancouver, and now frequently plays all over the globe. The remainder of his time is divided between producing genre-defining club tracks under his various guises and running Five AM, one of the UK's premier trance record labels. Gareth Emery has a distinctive and unique production style that can perhaps best be described as a fusion of trance and progressive, with psy, tribal and techno flavours. His productions are consistently described as intelligent, driving, melodic and progressive. Discography: 2006: * DT8 Project - Tomorrow Never Comes (Gareth Emery remix) [Mondo] * Lange vs Gareth Emery - Another You, Another Me [Vandit] * Lange vs Gareth Emery - Back On Track (Gareth Emery Back On Breaks remix) [Lange] * Mike Foyle - Shipwrecked (Gareth Emery remix) [Armind] * Vinny Troia feat. Jaidene Veda - Flow (Gareth Emery remix) [Curvve] * Vinny Troia feat. Jaidene Veda - Flow (Gareth Emery dub) [Curvve] * Gareth Emery & Nicholas Bennison - Interlok [Five AM] * Gareth Emery & Nicholas Bennison - Interlok (Gaz's Dubbed Out mix) [Five AM] * Gareth Emery & Jon O'Bir - No Way Back [Five AM] * Gareth Emery & Jon O'Bir - Integrate [Five AM] * Lange vs Gareth Emery - On Track [Lange] * Lange vs Gareth Emery - Three [Lange] * George Acosta feat. Truth - Mellodrama (Gareth Emery remix) [Five AM] 2005: * Zodiak - Provincial Disco (Gareth Emery remix) [MICREC] * DJ Sammy - L'bby Haba (Gareth Emery remix) [Super M] * Gareth Emery - Between Dreams [Five AM] * Gareth Emery - Backlash [Five AM] * Gareth Emery - Tribalism [Five AM] * Gareth Emery - History Of A Day [Five AM] * Lange vs Gareth Emery - This Is New York [Lange Recordings] * Lange vs Gareth Emery - X Equals 69 [Lange Recordings] * Gareth Emery & Jon O'Bir - Bouncebackability [Five AM] * Emery & Kirsch - Lose Yourself [Enhanced] * Cupa - Mass Panic (Gareth Emery remix) [Five AM] * Cupa - Mass Panic (Concept mix) [Five AM] * Digital Blues - Digital Blues [Lange Recordings] * Digital Blues - Definition [Lange Recordings] * Nu-NRG - Dreamland (Gareth Emery vs Brisky remix) [Monster] 2004: * Wirefly - The Verdict (Gareth Emery & Mark Dedross mix) [Motion] * Gareth Emery & Jon O'Bir - Escapade [Five AM] * GTR - Reason To Believe (Original mix) [Five AM] * GTR - Reason To Believe (Gareth Emery remix) [Five AM] * Echano - Nothing To Live For (Gareth Emery remix) [Motion] * Will Holland - Magicka (Gareth Emery remix) [Forty Five] * Digital Delinquents - Forever (Gareth Emery vocal / dub) [Equilibrium] 2003: * CERN - The Message (additional production) [Five AM / ASOT] * Cupa - Blaze [Five AM] * Cupa - Foundation [Five AM] * Nova - All This Love (GTR mix) [Multiply] * CERN - Baileys (GTR dub) [Five AM] * Quadraphonic - I Can Feel Your Love (Gareth Emery's GTR mix) [Lost Language] 2002: * GTR - Mistral [Five AM] * GTR - Flood Control [Influential] * GTR - Psiclone [Influential] * GTR vs The Shrink - Nervous Breakdown (Trance mix) [Nutrition] * GTR vs The Shrink - Nervous Breakdown (Bootleg mix) [Nutrition] Taken from Wikipedia

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